FREE Workshops at the Backyard Farming Series: Six Classes to Create a Sustainable Home Garden

Please pre-register at or call (505)314-0398 and show up early to guarantee a seat! 

2014 Backyard Farming Workshop Series

All workshops are FREE and run Saturdays from 9:00am to 12:30pm at the    Gutierrez-Hubbell House Open Space located at  6029 Isleta Blvd   (3 miles south of Rio Bravo).  A collaboration between Bernalillo County Open Space, The Gutierrez-Hubbell House Alliance and Erda Gardens and Learning Center.

Six part Devine Design Series to

Create a Sustainable Home Garden 

This six part series will cover all the basics you need to plan, design or modify your home garden landscapes. With a focus on sustainability, permaculture and the wise use of our limited natural resources, the information in each class will build on those previous. Participants will leave with the tools to assess their home gardens and have a chance to share ideas and plans at the concluding workshop. Testing soil, mapping rainwater harvest potential and choosing correct plants are just a few of the topics to be covered. Don’t have a garden space at home? That’s ok, we will also be observing, analyzing and planning for the demonstration garden and the Historic Hubbell House.

March 8th   ~  Sustainability in the Home Garden, Solar Gain and Garden Planning   Participants will learn how to observe and assess their current landscape in order to plan for a bountiful and multi purpose garden space. Special attention will be given to existing structures and the sun’s path throughout the year. Let nature tell you where your garden fits best! Hosted by Michael Reed or La Orilla Farm, a permaculture project based in Albuquerque’s South Valley.

March 22nd ~ Water Harvesting and Conservation Techniques        We live in a desert! Find out how to conserve water while fulfilling your garden’s water needs.  Mapping hardscapes, observing low spots and understanding how water permeates different soils will all be touched on. Harvesting rain water and simple DIY systems for grey water will shift your thinking from water scarcity to water abundance.

April 5th ~ Soil Structure and Soil Building
Any gardener will tell you the most important thing is your soil. However, soil is a complex ecosystem all its own! Come to this workshop to understand how to determine what type of soil you have and how to build healthy soil over time to increase fertility and vitality. Shawn Hardeman will cover soil science, what soil is made of and what that means to the backyard farmer. Bring a pint jar of your own soil and learn how to complete a simple soil test at home.

April 19th ~ Choosing Appropriate Plants and Planting Techniques     Food, medicine, shade, pollinator and wildlife forage are just a few of the different gifts plants give us. Choosing plants that are appropriate for our climate and region can also make the difference. Participants will leave with varieties that add both beauty and abundance to the home landscape and garden. Timing and technique for planting will also be covered in this workshop.

May 3rd ~ Constructing an Garden Space Using Sustainable Materials     This class will explore the garden as an outdoor living environment.  From trellises and shade structures to walls and walkways, salvaged and natural materials can form the backbone of your garden environment.  Come be inspired to re-purpose your way into a fun and productive backyard.

May 17th ~ Completed Garden Designs: Participant Presentations & Certificates   Those who attend all six classes, receive a certificate of completion and will be entered to win amazing garden related gifts.  If the wish, participants at this time will have the opportunity to present ideas for their home garden spaces or the demonstration garden at Gutierrez-Hubbell House.


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