Previous Workshops 2011-2013

2013 Workshops

March 9th   ~   Edible Landscapes

There are many options for Albuquerque growers to have year round goodies to pick and savor. This workshop will cover garden basics and help you choose the best fruits, veggies and herbs to build a beautiful, edible garden in your own yard. Nissa Patterson of Albuquerque Growing Gardens Team will present on her front-yard garden project and how it has intrigued and impacted her community. Michael Reed of La Orilla Farm will present on Permaculture design and the concept of “food forest.”

March 16th   ~   Soil Science & Composting

Any gardener will tell you the most important thing is your soil. Come to this workshop to understand how to determine what type of soil you have and how to build healthy soil with composting. Shawn Hardeman will cover soil science, what soil is made of and what that means to the backyard farmer. John Zarola of Bernalillo Master Composters will explain compost methods and compost building so that participants will be ready to begin at home. Bring your soil and compost questions!

April 13th   ~   Backyard Beekeeping

Learn the basics of bee keeping and what you need to know when getting started. We will be comparing both Langstroth and Topbar hives and discussing the advantages and disadvantages of both. Albuquerque beekeepers will be on hand to review the bee keeping calendar, equipment, hive management, things to consider if keeping bees within the city limits and trouble shooting common problems. This class is for beginners and seasoned beekeepers alike!

May 4th   ~   Water Wise Gardening

We live in a desert! Find out how to conserve water in your thirsty garden. Hosted by Amanda Bramble of the Ampersand Sustainable Learning Center, a permaculture project based outside of Cerriollos. Participants will learn low-techonology and DIY solutions to address the sustainable use of our most precious resource. Amanda specializes in Sustainable Habitat Site Analysis and will speak to completed projects such as grey water and rainwater harvesting.

May 18th   ~   Composting Intensive

Come with your compost conundrums! Our expert, John Zarola from the Bernalillo County Master Composters will be on hand to give you the answers to your toughest compost questions. Participants will leave with information on both “hot” and “cold” composting methods as well as lists of what to add and what to avoid adding too much of in your compost. Leave with all the tools you need to compost effectively.

August 17th  ~ Backyard Chickens and Goats

The Workshop series continues after a mid-summer break with this much requested workshop topic. Learn what you need to keep chickens or goats as part of your urban homestead. Participants will leave with knowledge of city regulations, as well as what chickens and goats need in terms of shelter, space, food and best breeds. Ongoing care, common problems and potential products that can be harvested from chickens and goats will also be addressed.

September 7th  ~  Food Preservation Methods

This much loved workshop is back again! There are many ways to enjoy the harvest all year round. Find out how to put food up for the winter with methods such as hot bath canning, pressure canning and lacto-fermentation. Participants will learn about methods, appropriate equipment and trouble shooting. We will get hands on and tasting! Bring your favorite recipes to sample and share! Hosted by Kim Pophal and Sofia Rose.

September 21st  ~  Seed Saving

This popular workshop is back. Seed saving is both art and science, but anyone can learn the basics on saving common veggie and herb seeds. See how saving garden favorites can ensure a more adaptable crop for the future in this informative workshop. Participants will practice harvesting home grown tomatoe seed as well as other commonly saved seeds. Hosted by Joshua Cravens of Save New Mexico Seeds and Arrid Seed Cache.

October 13th  ~  Local Food and Field Day 

Growers, vendors, chefs and community organizations all converge  on the Gutierrez-Hubbell House property for this special one day event of celebrating all things local and edible! Live music, food tasting and children’s activities are just some of the things planned for this community celebration.

November 9th  ~  Conservation Farming Forum

We all want to conserve and enhance our precious resources and wildlife. Learn innovative  techniques that can create habitat that invites birds and pollinators on your property while creating a lovely garden for you and your family to enjoy. A panel of speakers including Wes Brittenham of Plants of the Southwest, Amanda Bramble of Ampersand Sustainable Learning Center, Michael Reed of La Orilla Farm, and Miranda Jacobson of Bees Knees and Hummer Hangout will present on creating foodsheds that include and encourage all forms of life on the farm.

2011 Workshop Resources

August 27: Food Preservation

August 6: Worm Composting

July 31: Fall Gardens and Season Extensions.

Community Resources
Albuquerque Backyard Farms
Bernalillo County Extension Office
Chispas Farms
Edible Santa Fe
Gardeners’ Guild
La Orilla Farm, 505-877-2877
Mother Nature Gardens
Sunstone Farm and Learning Center
The Agriculture Collaborative: Mid-Region Council of Governments

A number of local vendors have generously provided free or discounted materials that are given away at the workshops. Bernalillo County Open Space and Partners thanks the following sponsors:
AHL Garden Supply
Plants of the Southwest
Western Mercantile located at 111 Rio Bravo Blvd. SE, Abq, NM 87106; 505, 877-1504

February 12
All About Fruit Trees
Discover how to correctly prune back those dead branches and shape your fruit trees. Also, learn what plants thrive best in your area and when to plant.
Guest Speakers:
Joran Viers, Bernalillo County Extension Office
Brian Suhr, UNM Master Arborist

March 12
All About Tools

Picking the right tools for the job and keeping them in good working order is essential for any backyard farmer. Get hands-on experiences using, sharpening and repairing your tools.
Guest Speaker
Joran Viers, Bernalillo County Extension Office

April 2
All About Irrigation

Our speakers will cover drip and flood irrigation as well as Permaculture water harvesting techniques.
Guest Speakers
Jen Prosser, Sunstone Farm and Learning Center
Abe Cappelle, Gardeners’ Guild
Raul Vargas and Johnny Apodaca, MRGCD

April 23
Garden Preparation

Build a garden bed and learn what to plant keeping in mind succession planting and micro-climates.
Guest Speakers:
Jen Prosser, Sunstone Farm and Learning Center
Eli Burg and Amanda Mione, Chispas Farm

May 21
Living Gracefully with Insects

Discover how to attract beneficial insects with insectory plants and deter pests without using harsh chemicals. Also, create pollinator habitat by building wood burrowing and topbar bee houses.
Guest Speakers:
Tess Grasswitz, New Mexico State University Extension
Tom and Diane Tanner, Master Naturalists
Megan Mahoney of Ma Honey Apiaries

July 30
Fall Gardening and Season Extensions

Transition to year-round growing by starting seeds in flats, setting up row covers and hoop houses, and strategically shading summer plants.
Guest Speaker:
Joran Viers, Bernalillo County Extension Office

August 27
Preserving the Harvest

Learn both traditional and modern techniques for preserving food from your garden to fully enjoy the fruits of your labor.
Guest Speakers:
Jen Prosser, Sunstone Farm and Learning Center
Cindy Davies, Bernalillo County Extension Office

Ongoing Composting Classes
Master Composters will hold ongoing composting classes throughout the year from 9:30am-12:00pm,  on April 16, June 4, August 6, and October 22. Special thanks to John Zarola and Ralph Anderson for leading these sessions.

2011 Food Festival and Field Day will be held on October 9th at the Gutierrez-Hubbell House. This annual event is organized by the Mid-Region Council of Governments, Edible Santa Fe and local partners. Bernalillo County Open Space sponsors this event, which is free to the public and offers a wide variety of family fun activities including:
·         Fresh, locally grown produce from local farmers
·         Food and refreshments
·         Fun for kids: face painting, seed-spitting, farm animals and sack races
·         Lecture series on backyard farming topics
·         Local food tasting prepared by local chefs
·         Live music and entertainment
·         Much, much more!


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